4th Grade

As a reward for good behavior, there will be a "You Earned It" party at the end of each quarter.  Some examples of parties include: movie & popcorn, board games, BINGO, pizza party, etc.  In order to attend the party, students must have less than 3 Red Notes for the quarter.


5th Grade

As a reward for good behavior, students can attend the Friday Fun activities. 
What is Friday Fun? - Friday Fun is held every other Friday.  Special events are planned by the teachers to reward students who work hard, follow the rules, and are good citizens of Fifth Grade.

Ways to be "in" Friday Fun...

      1. Do your work on time.
      2. Behave in class.
      3. Be kind to classmates.
      4. Follow classroom rules.

Ways to be "out" of Friday Fun...

      1. Turn in work late.
      2. Get warnings in class.
      3. Get multiple pink slips.
      4. Receive a detention.