W.O.W. Words 
Word of the Week

WOW Word PowerPoint Game 

  Week Word Part of Speech Definition Sample Sentence
Week 1 adversary noun an enemy or opponent Make sure that you are friends with your classmates and not adversaries.
Week 2 trivial adjective unimportant Many people argue over trivial points that don't really matter.
Week 3 pilfer verb to steal The Black pilfered food from Napoleon.
Week 4 famished adjective very hungry After Alec and The Black were on the island for awhile they became famished.
Week 5 immaculate adjective very clean; spotless Humphrey's cage was always immaculate after "Golden" Miranda cleaned it.
Week 6 obstacle noun someone or something that gets in your way The projector was an obstacle for Humphrey.
Week 7 vivacious adjective full of energy, lively Mrs. Hartman is a vivacious person since she is always looking for something else to keep her busy.
Week 8 lenient adjective not strict, relaxed about rules Mrs. Hartman was lenient about our homework over the Thanksgiving break.
Week 9 defy verb to challenge or dare Billy tried to defy the law of gravity by flying.  It didn't work.
Week 10 gargantuan adjective large, immense I saw a gargantuan spider in the exhibit at the local zoo.  It was the size of a grown man's hand.
Week 11 essential adjective necessary It is essential that you do your homework each night so your grade is not lowered.
Week 12 cherish verb to care for or  value Little Lulu will cherish her new little puppy the moment she chooses it.
Week 13 rotund adjective large, round Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas has a rotund belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.
Week 14 predicament noun a dangerous or embarrassing situation Mrs. Hartman was in a predicament one day when she accidentally wore two different shoes to school. 
Week 15 detest verb hate I detest when others destroy school's property.
Week 16 meddle verb to interfere, or butt in Make sure you mind your own business and don't meddle in other's concerns.
Week 17 unique adjective unusual, one of a kind That sure is a unique scarf you are wearing today.  I have never seen one made out of flamingo feathers.
Week 18 meander verb to wind around, wander I had to meander through the forest since I lost my compass.  Fortunately, I found my way out of it.
Week 19 dilly-dally verb move slowly, dawdle Don't dilly-dally when you leave class, you'll be late for the next one.
Week 20 accelerate verb to go faster You need to accelerate when you drive on the Interstate highway.
Week 21 stifle verb to hide Mrs. Spees stifled a laugh when she was Mrs. Hartman using glue guns with cotton balls.
Week 22 haphazard adjective disorganized Some of the students in fourth grade have a haphazard FISH BOOK.  Clean it out!!!
Week 23 triumph verb win The Packers will triumph over the Bears when they play them next season.
Week 24 acquire` verb to get or have Did you acquire a new toy for your birthday?
Week 25 radiant adjective to shine Did you see that radiant beam of sunlight yesterday afternoon?
Week 26 abundant adjective a bunch of something, a lot Look at that abundant amount of apples you picked in the orchard.  There is enough to make several gallons of applesauce.
Week 27 transport verb to move from place to place You will be transported to Madison by bus.
Week 28 astonish verb amazed He was astonished to find the caterpillars crawling out of his locker after keeping them there for a week.
Week 29 persevere verb to keep at a task no matter what Little Willy persevered at getting the money to save the farm.
Week 30 drench verb to get really wet all over; soak The boy got drenched when he jumped into the lake.
Week 31 novice adjective beginner Alec was a novice at horse racing.
Week 32 reluctant adjective not willing I hope that you are not reluctant to do your homework each night.
Week 33 candid adjective honest, open Let me be candid with you and tell you that I really like that color of shirt on you.
Week 34 obstinate verb stubborn You don't have to be obstinate to get your way.
Week 35 wrath noun anger The storm's wrath showed when many things were destroyed from the wind.
Week 36 cuisine noun a special type of food You are eating Italian cuisine when you eat things like spaghetti and lasagna.
Week 37 ornate adjective very decorative Some of the carvings in the capitol building in Madison are ornate.