Read Alouds 08-09

The Black Stallion
The World According to Humphrey
The Thanksgiving Treasure

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
The Tale of Despereaux
Trouble at Fort LaPointe
Stinker from Space
Caddie Woodlawn

Help! Somebody Get Me Out of 4th Grade


The Tale of Despereaux Ashley and KenTuel
Rebecca and Amber
Derek and Bobby
Emerald and Zach
Emma and Rachel
Lindsay and Dylan
The World According to Humphrey Gunnar and Cali
Karlee and Alexyn
Katelyn and Nakyla
Mikayla and Tonia
Willow and Shannon
Jaguar Bailey and Garrett
Connor and Michael
Josh and Kennedy
Josh and Natasha
Matt and Josh
Trouble at Fort LaPointe Eve and Hannah
Mackenzie and Jorge
Morgan and Allison
Riley and Jason
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Hunter and Jordan
Kade and Alex
Vina and Nicole
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes McKenna and Teagen
Lizzie and Amanda
Noemi and Brittany
The Black Stallion Desiree and Mercedes
Mackenzie and Skye
Madison and Nick
Michael and Samantha
Ryan and Zach
Stinker from Space Brent and Jacob
Christian and Nicole
Marisa and Noah
Stone Fox Bryanna and Amelia
Hannah and Andres
Jordan and Ashley