What is Fishy Facts?

It is a way of practicing basic math facts.  The is numerous amounts of levels from addition advancing all the way to percentages and fractions.

How long does it take to pass a level?

Students are quizzed once a week on Mondays.  The length of the quiz is one minute.  Depending on the level, depends on the amount of problems on the quiz.

How many chances do you get to pass a level?

There are 3 chances.  If after three times of attempting to pass a level, a student will work one-on-one with a teacher to pass the level.  At that point in time, the student moves onto a new skill while reinforcing the the previous skill with a teacher.

How many problems are on a quiz?

Depending on the level, 30 to 50 problems.

What is the goal of Fishy Facts?

The goal is to practice basic facts in a fun way and to solidify them in the mind for easy recall when solving more complex math problems.