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What does the acronym FISH BOOK represent?

FISH - Family Involvement Starts Here
BOOK - Being Organized Obtains Knowledge

What is a FISH BOOK?

FISH BOOKs are a way to organize the things that you need on a daily basis.  Your child will be provided with a 3-ring 1" binder at the beginning of the school year.  Within the binder are 3 clear plastic protector sheets with helpful information for the students and parents.  These are also provided.  In these clear protectors you will find organizational tips, the FISH Creed, the FISH Attitude, Spelling words for the year, genre project due dates for the year, and where you can find more information for homework.  It is the parents responsibility to find a sturdy pencil case and 3 plastic folders to add to the binder.  Please ask to see your child's FISH BOOK daily.  We ask that a parent signs the assignment notebook each weekend.  This ensures the teachers that your child is communicating with you.  The assignment notebook should be completely filled out for every subject area for each day of the week.  If it is not completely filled out, you can click here to see the assignments.

What are the guidelines?


1.  Do take your FISH BOOK home daily.
2.  Do keep it clean.
3.  Do show your parents it each and every day.
4.  Do put your papers in the correct folders.
5.  Do use your FISH BOOK for school only.
6.  Do organize your FISH BOOK daily.


1.  DON'T eat or drink while using your FISH BOOK.
2.  DON'T let anyone borrow it.
3.  DON'T let anyone tear anything from it.
4.  DON'T write on your FISH BOOK.

What are other acronyms?

Teachers click here for many more acronyms to use in your classroom.


The FISH Creed
The FISH Attitude
Spelling Words for the '10-'11 school year
Genre Project due dates for the '10-'11 school year
Organizational Tips
Important Information